Resident evil ada x leon fanfiction

The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. We're going back to the beginning. Resident Evil 2: Moondrop Blood L The Blood Saga-Book 1 of 4 As Raccoon City is submerged in blood and littered with corpses, the dead wander the streets in search of their next meal. Luckily for Gwendol My name is Elizabeth. I'm 18 years old. I live in Raccoon City.

I'm known as the biggest troublemaker. I will tell you a story where my life got marked forever. It was A Resident Evil story "I don't remember much still, but one of the things I do remember is that Umbrella is not what they seem. My Multiversal Adventures [Title M Resident Evil 2 x Detroit: Become Resident evil 2 remake fanfic: Aya Resident evil 2 remake fanfic: Con Work Visit by River 31 1.

First Date by Kimberly 15 1. Request: Can I request one where Leon falls for the reader despite it being their first meeting and he flirts and also kisses her at some point since they are hiding f To save myself some work, and stress The Morning After by Kimberly 16 1.

Request: May I have, a gender-neutral Leon S. Kennedy x Reader, please? A fluffy cute one to be exact?

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Road Trip by Kimberly 6 1.Click here for our flair guide to be sure you use them properly. Also all spoilers must be tagged for new media, namely Resident Evil: Village and the Netflix series once they release.

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Check out our Google Calendar. Let us know if there's something we need to add! If you want to discuss Resident Evil in a chat room or in voice chat, visit our Resident Evil Discord server! Well, I only read one chapter but it was so goddamn funny and I couldn't handle any more than that.

There's one part where Vincent "rips a door off its hinges", but my personal favorite is Well the writing is so awkward and lacks punctuation, I'm pretty sure that during a fight scene Vincent somehow takes out a knife, swings it at his opponent, then due to the poor writing he winds up dodging his own attack.

I lost all my shit. I'd say that the SD Perry novels are probably the best fan fiction of the series that I've read. The worst? The shit I write. The best? I haven't managed to read any so far without cringing. But then again I wasn't looking very hard, just trying to gauge what's on the market.

It's a crossover with my original work and done entirely for the writing practice and the giggles. Pretty certain no one would care much about it :D.

resident evil ada x leon fanfiction

Mostly because I am certain I won't like what Capcom does to Chris if they ever feature him in another game and I'd rather have my own private slice of an alternative carved out before that happens. That's fair. I'm trying to get back into writing myself, now that I have some free time. I wrote a RE story long long time ago and looking to do something zombie related now. My writing style now is better than ever, as that's what I do in a professional sense.

I just feel like I don't have creative juices anymore.

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I'll try to find the link, but lemme just tell you now what I remember in case I can't find it. There's one where Leon and Ada are doing And if I remember correctly Ada is referred to as Ada most of the time but Leon calls her something else once or twice.The Watty Awards.

Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. When It begins.

Leon and Ada

It can never end Kennedy, You are new to the agency but you know your ways around. You are partnered up with Leon to save the presidents d You were there in Raccoon City when it all happened. Your past and life with Umbrella had to be kept secret with the world.

All you asked for was a little time off to Rookie Leon Kennedy x Reader by Never speak of this You wanted to be anything but the rookie, and the rumor of a new recruit should've been the answer to your prayers. Sadly, that wasn't the case. The city fell into chaos We're going back to the beginning. Without being able to afford college she had little options for jobs, and she struggled The majority of the imagines that inspire these one shots come from a Tumblr blog called Imagine Leon Jill loses people on the way to saving the world.

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She mets Carlos Oliveira and falls in love with him but Chris Redfield is interring with it. Leon S. Carter Kennedy, has first hand experience with bioterror. Basically imagines with all resident evil Characters. I'll post my own but feel free to DM me for requests! I'm In The Game?! You've been a fan of the Resident Evil series for years, after waiting months for the new remake you finally get it.

But just as you were going to play it for the first Resident Evil Preferences And Imag Why the hell not. Leon Kennedy One Shots by Ki Resident Evil Headcanons, ImagineThe Watty Awards.

Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. It'll Be Fine Chris Redfield by harrie 3. Rebecca Chambers: Something happened already between you and Chris?

You were there in Raccoon City when it all happened. Your past and life with Umbrella had to be kept secret with the world. All you asked for was a little time off to Resident Lover by LostVoorhees 3. A Resident Evil FanFic! The Novus Plague by Badauthor 31 4. After years of abuse and torment for not having a quirk Izuku is able to fight back against society after gaining information from his friend Zola about a bioweapon that Starting Over Again Book 1: Leon What happens when Justine again meets the man who she looked up to only to find out he wasn't who she thought he was?

Justine Valentine recently got her heart broken by Resident Evil Headcanons, Imagine This is all for fun. I don't own Resident Evil nor you.

Resident Evil 4 by Ava Winters 1. Leon S. Kennedy is partnered up with another agent who has spent some time in Spain before and is personal friends with our favorite Spaniard, Luis. The title says it all people. Can't get any simpler than that. Amazing cover by dykeish. Doraemon: Nobita's Resident evil Doraemon and his friend went to Isolated Island, The first day of summer vacation. And the day they returned the home, They were happy thinking about seeing family's fac The Lost Hale by Can't Relate Being born human, he was treated differently, and didn't get a lot of attention.

The only ones who wou Incursion - Levi Ackerman x Reader by Rae 8. What do you get when you mix a police officer and a worried sister?

A duo that exposes a pharmaceutical company and survives a virus outbreak.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Due to Rebecca getting buried in her work and her terrible sleep schedule, she accidentally injects Leon with Chris's sperm during, what is supposed to be a Pap Smear.

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They had kept the secret for more than twenty years. Both vowing to never reveal the truth of who he was. Both willing to put their life on the line for him, to protect him from their past and the madman that would hunt him down if he found out about his existence.

The pain and suffering they endured at holding in such a secret, all they had missed out on as a family. When news comes to Danny about Chris Redfield missing, he is asked to help find him.

What will become of Chris and Danny when the final threat to them is removed, can they finally share the truth with their son. Everyone knew who Chris Redfield was, he was a true American hero and above reproach. Chris had saved millions of lives and the world many times. Chris was the most celebrated hero of the modern world, loved and adored by all that knew him. Chris was wanted by both men and women and many dreamed of a chance for just one night with the hero.

What everyone didn't know was Chris Redfield had a dark side, a very dark side. Chris considered himself above everything and everybody and free to entertain his darkest desires and fantasies, whether or not the one he chose wanted it or not. What happens when Chris loses complete control one night and becomes an insatiable and brutal man, can he be stopped. Leon is sent to find and bring back the Presidents daughter, only he won't be working alone on the job.

Leon soon finds out the woman has a certain charm when it comes to animals, as well as people. What if Leon and Ada's relationship really started up after the events of Resident Evil 2. How would these two properly react to starting a family together? This is a more serious take on my Unlikely Parents. Nuclear fallout AU. It has been a decade since a nuclear disaster destroyed life as the world knew it, and everyone has had to band together in the midst of a government that no longer controls law enforcement while groups of masked vigilantes continue to wreck havoc and impose their own agendas on the world that has survived.

As for Ada, Leon, Rebecca, Claire, Jill, Chris, and Carlos, they've managed to survive together with their own families and their own brute strength. The question remains, however, if they -- and the world -- are about to reach their breaking point. Detective Ada Wong has found a third body in a spate of prostitute killings that are popping up all over Raccoon City. On top of that, she's being forced to tote a rookie, Leon Kennedy around. It's the likely work of a serial killer, and Ada struggles with being a part of a 'team'.

Can she and Leon come to terms? Strange rumors brew in Raccoon City. Jack tries to balance his double life, and involves the RPDs rookie, Leon. As suspicion grows, Can Wesker and Jack keep the trail Umbrella leaves hidden? Months -- nearly a year -- had passed since Ada Wong had left Broadway and signed a contract with Paramount. She had left behind the man who loved her, though she had not yet known it, and to cross paths with him now was shocking.As with all files in the game, the bottom part of this file can only be read on RE.

Ada Wong is a spy whose major activities occur off the grid. Not much is known about her, not even if Ada Wong is an alias or her real name. Ada first encountered Leon Kennedy during the Raccoon City Incident in when Leon was a callow rookie police officer trying desperately to escape from the nightmare that had enveloped Raccoon City. Ada was in the city carrying out a mission for a rival company to the Umbrella Corporation.

resident evil ada x leon fanfiction

When circumstances threw the two together, Ada hid the nature of her activities while using Leon to help her carry them out. The life-and-death struggle they endured brought them close together, and Ada ended up saving Leon's life. Unfortunately, they had to make their way out of the city separately, but they could not forget what they felt for each other. Following their escape, their paths would cross from time to time, Leon as a U. Ada makes no qualms about using Leon when it suits her needs, but Leon is loath to bring himself to be done with her.

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They don't consider each other enemies, but it's hard to tell how they feel for each other. Complicated is the word that aptly summarizes their relationship. The BSAA has denied her involvement and has already covered up any record of it.

It looks like we are the only ones who know of these details. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video?

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Leon S. Derek C. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. This section is empty.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Jill Valentine has only one mission: find Chris Redfield. Months have passed since the initial assignment, and she's got no leads, very little time, and an angry BSAA boss breathing down her neck at all hours of the day.

After a stroke of luck, she comes upon a vague personal ad posted by Claire, Chris's beloved sister and the only shot Jill's got at tracking his whereabouts. She jumps on the opportunity, eager to do whatever it takes to get her one step closer to completing her mission.

It's only after entering Claire's home, sharing a coffee, that she discovers Claire and her partner Leon were searching for an experienced "unicorn", a friendly term for a third person who joins in on an established relationship. Jill's not qualified; she barely knows anything about regular sex, much less the shenanigans Claire and Leon want to bring her into. But she's also not willing to give up on her one chance at finding Chris.

How far is she willing to go to find the truth? More importantly, what's going to happen when her feelings get muddled up in the mess? Slight AU. A girl. Two boys. Three friends. A castle with a nasty man. And a nightmare they never saw coming.

The biggest Revelation here Revelations AU - another romp in a familiar world Jill and her boys head home after a long day at work, unwinding in the way they know best. Chris may or may not have learned a lesson.

resident evil ada x leon fanfiction

Each chapter will have its own warnings in the author's notes. The title for each chapter has the character Leon is paired with, a C for consensual or an NC for non-consensual, and the kink prompt. She'd lost everything.

Resident Evil 6 - Ada \u0026 Leon: Chapter 3

She'd come back a shadow. She had nothing left to lose. Sometimes saving yourself is as simple as sitting down. He just might have the answers she's been searching for since the moment she died. It wasn't so far from a stroke of fate. A rookie in a dying city. A hero just trying to hold on. And twelves hours to try to fight their way out of a nightmare. It's a shame they're gonna have to do it running for their lives.

resident evil ada x leon fanfiction

Jill Valentine gather herself in a mission without knowing which kind of virus is infecting people and neither who created it.

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